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People Are Creating Absurd NFTs to Try and Fix the Market

NFTs are down. Crypto is down. So what has the Web3 community been up to? Meme-ing, apparently.

To its credit, the NFT community at large seems to have heeded its call. Today, the project sees floor prices of 7 ETH on OpenSea and has amassed 22,000 ETH in total sales volume. It’s not the only project of its kind generating buzz on OpenSea, either.

These range from addressing problems in the NFT sphere like high mint prices, high gas prices, thefts, lack of communication from project leads, and the drop in Ethereum’s value since its $4,000 peak. However, the most direct demand these cartoons are making is in the collection’s name: buy this NFT.

This is all part of a community-wide initiative to boost morale and maintain activity in the market — which Goblintown kickstarted. So far, it seems to be working — the collection generated 500 ETH in trade volume within 24 hours of its free mint.

But there’s a catch.

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