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Open World Metaverse Platform, Bullieverse Launches ‘Bear Hunt’ Introducing Bear NFTs To The Game – ZyCrypto

The launch of the complete version of Bear Hunt introduces a new class of non-fungible tokens, Bear NFTs to the Bullieverse metaverse.
Decentralized gaming protocol, Bullieverse announced the launch of its complete version of Bear Hunt, which is the first Web 3 play-to-mint NFT game on the platform. The game introduces a wide range of new features for Bullieverse gamers including 3D characters, enhanced gameplay, new levels, and its latest NFT line in the Citizens of Bulliever Island (COBI), the Bear NFTs.
The game was previously launched in March giving players the first taste of Bears in the Bullieverse metaverse. With the launch of the complete version, Bear Hunt becomes the first full title to appear in the Bullieverse metaverse. Bear Hunt is based on the Bulliever Island,  a three-mile-long metaverse traditionally occupied by the “Bulls”. Players need to fight and drive out the “Bears” and reclaim their long-lost homeland.
The game offers the players options to load up their characters with weapons, armor, and other features to help them fight within the game. The game progresses to more difficult levels and the winners have an opportunity to unlock and mint one of the 10,000 limited edition Bear NFTs, once they complete every level. Notwithstanding, the new complete Bear Hunt version also builds the 2D NFTs into 3D characters that are playable in the Bullieverse Battle Royale game. 
“Both Bull and Bear NFTs will be 3D playable characters in the Bullieverse Battle Royale game, which is in the works currently,” Srini Anala, CEO & Co-founder of Bullieverse shared at the launch of Bear Hunt. “We are also working with other NFT collections to build an interoperable cross-IP Metaverse bottom up, bringing other NFT collections to life.”
During the beta launch in March, Bull NFT holders were allowed to play the first three levels, with those who completed the game earning a free Inferno weapon. The Inferno weapon can now be used in the full launched game giving the player’s character more utility and value. The full launch game will now include extra levels that players have to fight through. The final level will set players to fight with the “Boss Bear”, as the last step to win the game and return Bullieverse Island back to the “Bulls”. This victory also unlocks the opportunity to mint a random Bear NFT as a reward. 
As Bullieverse welcomes Bear NFTs, fair distribution of these NFTs will be key to boosting users’ trust in the game. To this end, Bullieverse has integrated Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function, or VRF, on Ethereum and Polygon. Chainlink VRF will provide a tamper-proof and audible source of randomness that helps in the fair and provably random distribution of the Bear NFTs and future NFT collections in the game. Additionally, Chainlink will provide its decentralized oracles allowing the game to securely interact with real-world data and services that are off the blockchain. 
Once the adoption of Bear NFTs kicks off, they will provide holders with a similar utility to Bull NFTs and extra value across other games, events, and features that will be added to the Bullieverse platform. In addition, Bullieverse intends to launch an NFT renting mechanism on its platform that will give holders a way to earn passive income on their NFTs when they’re not using them themselves. The team’s announcement further confirmed that more updates and developments in the game are in the pipeline, including an NFT renting pool, leaderboard competitions, and an in-house asset marketplace, set to launch in June. 


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