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Daily Crunch: ‘Strategic finance platform’ Mosaic raises $25M Series B

Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for Wednesday, March 30, 2022! It’s day two of Y Combinator’s Demo Day, which means that the TechCrunch team has been looking at more than 400 startups over two days.

If you’ll forgive us, our brains are dripping out of our ears as we stare vacantly in the middle distance after some information overwhelms – but one thing’s for sure: It’s hella exciting times in startup land and across the ecosystem.

Image Credits: Paolo Farinella / Getty Images

When you have an opportunity to sell an investor on your idea, it will likely be via a video call, not across a table or desk.

Considering how many pitch calls investors take on a daily basis, “this new pitching model presents a new problem for founders,” says Flint Capital partner Andrew Gershfeld, whose firm reviews approximately “1,500 online pitches per year.”

To cut through the noise, he recommends that founders create a “teaser trailer” to share with their network before they begin approaching angels and VCs.

According to Gershfeld, “since we’re not getting the same in-person meeting opportunities, this is how founders can hook investors’ attention.”


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